How Many Boxes are Needed to Move a typical Family House?

Moving home can be scary and big decision and there are lots of things you need to take into consideration. However, is the process of moving house is unthinkable without any cardboard boxes and packing materials? No at Larbert Carriers we can provide you with moving crates that will dramatically improve your packing, carrying and moving. Large furniture items and bulky items will need protection but we do that for you. Also, certainly your valuables, we would advise you wrap them well for protection.

if you do not wish to use our moving crates  you will need to use boxes. Now, calculating exactly how many boxes you may need for your move can be difficult but will save you time. So, we thought we’d let you know how many boxes you may need to move a typical family house. (which of course would be near zero if you use our crates!)

How Many Boxes might you actually need?

There are a number of different  factors that affect the number of cardboard boxes you’ll need to move house successfully. The average number of cardboard boxes needed for a smooth house move are around 50-70. How many boxes do you need to pack and move your belongings, however? It is very common for people to underestimate the number of boxes needed to successfully move. Below are the common factors you need to consider:

  • How Long You’ve Lived there: the longer you’ve lived in the property, the more items you have likely accumulated over the years.
  • Number of People living in your house with you: do you live with a lot of other people? Do you gave kids? They can need boxes just for their toys … time to go to a charity shop? Generally, the more people live in a property, the more personal belongings there will be that require packing and moving.
  • Number of Rooms: It is obvious enough and goes without saying that the more rooms there are in a property, the more packing boxes will most likely be needed.
  • What Kind of Lifestyle You Lead: are you a minimalist when it comes to material possessions or would you label yourself as a hoarder? Either way, the number of boxes you need will depend on the type of lifestyle you lead.
  • What about your Garage or Outbuildings: If you have a lot of items in your garage or outbuildings this might just substantially increase the number of boxes or crates you might need.

Try De-cluttering First

Have You Decluttered Your Home? Decluttering your home before moving into a new property can make a huge difference to the number of boxes you will need. Have you got rid of unwanted furniture or taken bags of clothes and items to the charity shop? Then you’ll definitely need fewer boxes. Charity shops are great here or visiting family members with a boot full of “gifts” for them!

Further Advice

We will post further blog articles, but in the meantime, please make sure you don’t miss anything by checking our resources page and moving home checklist.